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Pricing Breakdown

The prices on this page are NOT the actual price.  General numbers were used to provide an example of how to calculate the total cost of a quarter.  Prices will vary depending on the Market.  Contact us for the accurate prices.  .

$2.52/lb - Hottle Farms Price

$.48/lb - Shreve Meats Price for cutting, wrapping, and freezing 1 quarter (can vary if you have excessive cutting requests).

$40/Steer - Shreve Meats processing fee (If you buy 1/4 steer you will pay $10.50).



You will receive a 2 cents/lb discount from Shreve Meats if you purchase a half steer instead of a quarter of a steer.

Hottle Farms will also give you a 3 cents/lb discount if you purchase a half.



Example #1

Alfonso buys 1 quarter weighing 175 lb (hanging).  Alfonso will pay;

  •  Hottle Farms $441 (175 lb x $2.52).

  • Shreve Meats $84.00 (175 lb x .50) for cut wrap and freeze.*

  • Shreve Meats $10.00 for his portion of processing.

Alfonso's total cost is $535.00.



Example #2

Harry buys 1 half (2 quarters)  weighing 350 lb (hanging).  Harry will pay;

  •  Hottle Farms $871.50 (350 lb x $2.49).

  • Shreve Meats $168.00 (350 lb x .48) for cut wrap and freeze.*

  • Shreve Meats $20 for his portion of processing.

Harry's total cost is $1,059.50.



Payment will be made when the meat is picked up.  A deposit of $100 is required on occasion.



 * Processing costs can vary depending on how you want it processed and packaged.  This is generally around 48 cents/lb but can vary slightly.  A flat processing fee of about $42 is charged per steer and will be divided and billed evenly among the four quarters.

Our beef is sold by "hanging weight".   Keep in mind that 30-45% of the hanging weight can be lost during cutting.  This loss is from bones and fat.  This loss can vary depending on the cow and your cutting instructions.  So with the above example of the 175 lb quarter you will have between 97-123 lbs of meat for your freezer.  With the above example the price/lb would be between $4.36 and $5.50 per pound.  Keep in mind these are not actual numbers but a rough estimate.  This is for hamburger that is as lean or leaner than what you can get in the store and for all of the steaks and roasts.

Prices subject to change without notice.


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