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Specifying how you want your quarter processed

You can either choose one of our Standard House Cuts or you can talk to the butcher if you have specific preferences on how your meat should be processed.  All options are the same price.


Standard Processing Options

When you order your quarter from us you can just tell us that you want the "House Cut" or "Strips and Filets"

"House Cut"

This is will be all of the basic and most common cuts.  This is generally how most people will have a quarter processed.

 View a PDF of the butchers order form.



"Strips & Fillets"

This is will be all of the basic and most common cuts with an emphasis on more steaks included in strips and fillets.

View a PDF of the butchers order form.



Custom Processing Options

If you do not want one of these standard processing options you will call the butcher and tell them your preferences.  Below is the list of questions that they generally ask you.

Calling the Butcher to specify Processing


How many steaks would you like in each package?

How much would you like each roast to weigh?

Do you want Rib Steaks?  (Or if you would like Ribeyes they will remove the bone.)

Do you want Rib Roast?  (This will take some of your steaks.)

Do you want your round steaks tenderized? (No extra charge)

Do you want Soup Bones?

Do you want Liver?

How many pounds of Stew Meat would you like?

How do you want your Hamburger packaged?  (1 lb, 1.5 lb, or 2 lb packages.)

  Your Hamburger can be formed into patties for an additional charge. (about 30 cents/lb)


We generally use Shreve Meats as our butcher.

Refer to the Quarter Example page for more information on processing.  That page will show you an example of a quarter with pictures and a details of each cut.



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