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Quality Corn Fed Freezer Beef!

Our main goal is to manage and grow a healthy herd of cattle with the researched practices that promote animal health, environmental standards, and tasty steaks.  We greatly respect the hard work that many farmers put forth every day to maintain facilities and healthy herds.  We want our herd and facilities to be admired among our peers in the same way that we currently admire others.

All of our steer have been raised on a feeding plan with the intention of being butchered.  This guarantees your beef will be tender and of high grade.  We do not use hormones.  They are pasture raised and then finished with a corn diet.  Each steer is butchered at the prime age for butchering to receive the best quality of meat.

Some of our steers are cross breeds.  This allows you to take advantage of both breeds.  Our herd consists of Angus, Beefmaster, and Commercial beef cattle.

We have chosen Shreve Meats to process all of our steer.  All cuts are vacuum packaged in clear plastic and clearly labeled.  All meat is inspected at an Ohio Department of Agriculture(ODA) approved facility and exceeds all ODA requirements for consumer safety.

We have had many good times growing up on the farm and enjoy it.  Raising and selling beef allows us to continue the farm experience.  Grilling out always brings out the stories and memories that we have shared.  May you also share those memories as you sit around your grill in the near future.




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