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Quarter Example


The Information below will help you understand how big a quarter is as well as what it looks like.  We kept this quarter to use as an example.  Keep in mind that every quarter will not weigh the same and you can get different cuts than what is listed here if you would like. 


The following information was documented from a steer with a hanging weight of 820 pounds (quarter = 205 pounds).

Index of cuts in the picture:
Cut # Cut Name # Packages in Quarter # In Package Weight per package
1 Beef Rib Short Rib 8 4 1lb 12oz
2 T-Bone 9 1 1lb
3 Beef Rib Steak Small End 10 1 12oz
4 Ground Beef 37 1 1lb
5 Ground Beef Patties 3 12 3lb
6 Beef Loin Sirloin Steak 4 2 2lb
7 Beef Cubed Steak 3 1 1lb 6oz
8 Beef Chuck Shoulder Pot Roast Boneless 2 1 2lb 5oz
9 Tail 1 1 2lb 5oz
10 Beef Round Steak 4 1 1lb 12 oz
11 Beef Chuck Blade Roast 4 1 2lb 12 oz


How much space do I need?

  •  At least 3 Cubic Feet of freezer space per quarter.  A general guideline is 1 cubic foot of space for every 35-40 lbs of actual meat that you are storing.

  • When we picked this quarter up it was packed in three boxes.  Two boxes were 12"x12"x14", and one box was 12"x9"x14".

You are not limited to the cuts listed in this example.

  •  You can get cuts that are not in the picture.  You order from the butcher so all of the cuts will be to your specifications.   You choose what cuts you want, how thick each cut should be, and how many cuts in each package.  For example we will often get chunked meat and mom will can it for us.  We didn't get any this time so that cut was not included in the picture.

How we ordered this quarter.

  •  For this quarter we basically said that we want as many steaks as possible.  we specified how many steaks in each package and how thick we want them.  We also specified how many pre-formed hamburger patties we wanted as well as a few of the other cuts.  We only wanted a couple roasts this time because we still had some left over from our last quarter.  We then left it up to the butcher on the rest. 

Want a rare part like the tail, tongue, or liver?

  •  Some of the parts of the steer can not be split into quarters so only one person will be able to get each.  If you want the tongue, tail, liver, or anything along these lines be sure to tell us in advance.  Most people do not want these so it is usually not an issue. 

Why doesn't the weight of all the listed cuts equal the hanging weight?

  •  If you add up the weight of all the cuts it will not add up to exactly one quarter of the hanging weight.  This is caused mostly from cutting loss (bones and fat that is trimmed out).

  •   Many of these cuts do not weight exactly what is listed.  The listed weight is an average of the cuts from this quarter some will weigh a few ounces more or less.

Still not sure how you want it processed?

  •  We have a couple standard processing options that you can choose from if you would like.  We recommend getting one of these the first time you order then you will have an idea of what it looks time.  Then the next time you order you can just change a few of the cuts as desired.

How long will a quarter last?

  •  One quarter will typically feed a family of four for 9-12 months.

How is a quarter divided up from the whole steer?

  •  We sell Split halves.  Think of it as the steer being cut down the middle into two halves.  You will then get half of all of the cuts on one side.  Therefore you get cuts from both the front and back of the steer.



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