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Congratulations you found my secret page.  Pat yourself on the back, you deserve a cookie.  Not much for you to see here.  This is just some links that we use a lot for research.


Ohio Beef Cattle Letter Archive

  •  Ohio Beef Cattle Letter Archive
  • Target weight for replacement heifers (how fat they should be when we knock them up the first time)
  • Body Condition Score (Our cows are fat)  Also check out the link that give you more info on the scoring.


Show Steer Feeding files/market steer fs.pdf
  • National Daily Cattle and Beef Summary
  • Notice prices this year are above the 5 year Average.  Is this just a good market and is going to go back down?  I also noticed that the weekly dressed weight is a lot higher than the 5 yr average.  Interesting.
Water Design
Building Designs

Cattle Behavior
General Beef Care
more bs about care
more handling (explains why no headlock is needed)

  • Beefmaster Breeders United


Bunk and Water Feet/head

Alternative Feeds for Beef Cattle


Conversion calculators






Vendors license requirements





For the Photo Gallery.  Use Microsoft PhotoDraw to make each picture 448x336 pixels.  Then after the picture is inserted double click on it and change the pixels to 350-262.






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